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How to use Php in Blogger Detailed Tutorial

How to use Php in Blogger Detailed Tutorial

Blogger does not support PHP language, because PHP is a server side language but it does not mean that you can not use PHP in blogger.

After some research i finally managed to use some PHP widgets in blogger that you can not install directly in blogger and you might have seen most of them in wordpress blogs.

Yes now you can use wordpress widgets in blogger blog as well (well, when i say almost all widgets but this requires a lot of experience and PHP knowledge. ).

How to use PHP in blogger blog?

Basically, The idea is that you host your PHP files externally to any other server (Free or Paid), and you 'embed/call' that PHP file in your blogger blog. For example we are going to create a simple PHP file and we will upload it to a free server and finally we will call/embed that page in blogger.

First Step: Signup for a free account on any PHP supported server, i will recommend 000webhost because it supports PHP and provide you 1500MB free web space with many sub-domains. For more information about 000webhost click here.

Now open notepad and paste this code in it. Save it as test.php



 print ("Wow! I can use PHP in blogger now...! <br/>");
 print ("Thanks to <a href=''>PremiumStuffGuru</a>");



Now login to your 000webhost account, create new domain and click on 'Go to CPanel' and click on File Manager, Enter your Login details if asked. Than go to publick_folder and click on upload button. Select your test.php file and click Tick button to upload it.

Now we have successfully uploaded the file, and we have to use it in our blogger blog, so go to your blogger blog create a new post. Select HTML compose mode and paste this code.

<object type="text/html" data="http://REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_HOST/test.php"></object>

Make sure to change the url of the file with yours. Click on Publish and We are Done! see the result.

What's Next?

This is just a beginning, you will find some unique and very useful widgets in my upcoming tutorials, so make sure you have subscribed to our RS feeds and Liked our Fanpage.


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